About Us

Our Story

Pastors Bruce and Christal met as teenagers after a Sunday night service in northeast Ohio. They married in November of 2000 and soon had two wonderful children Bruce III and Amanya.  They felt like starting a church was on the horizon so they both enrolled into Ohio Christian University and pursed degrees in Pastoral Leadership

In 2011, Pastor Bruce came to Florida on an impromptu trip. After returning back home to Ohio he could not shake the idea of “what if we started a church in Florida?”. Wrestling with the thought he tried to shrug it off, but he woke up thinking about it, went throughout his day thinking about it, and went to bed thinking about it. After about a week of wrestling he shared with Christal what was on his heart. They went into a season of prayer and fasting to seek direction from God and through a series of confirmation God made it clear that He wanted them to move to Florida to start Champion City Church.

So in 2012, the Hall family sold everything they owned (but the kids) and took the biggest step of faith they had ever taken and moved to Florida with whatever they could pack in their cars. They spent the next 2 years in Fort Myers, FL learning about church planting and in the summer of 2014, they moved to Tampa, FL to begin the process of planting Champion City Church. On February 26, 2017 Champion City was planted and they seen the vision that God placed in their heart come to pass. Today, they have the honor of serving the great people of Champion City and the greater Tampa/Riverview area.